A Roller Skater’s Guide to Tracking Apps

Finding Your Perfect Glide

Whether you’re weaving through city streets, conquering ramps at the park, or gliding along the boardwalk, capturing the magic of your roller skating adventures can be incredibly rewarding. Tracking your progress helps you celebrate achievements, identify areas for improvement, and most importantly, share the joy of skating with a supportive community. But with a multitude of fitness tracking apps available, choosing the right one can feel like tackling a technical footwork sequence. Worry not, fellow skaters! This guide dives into popular options, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses to help you discover your ideal rolling companion.

The Established Contenders:

Strava: Strava shines for cyclists and runners, offering detailed GPS tracking, distance logging, and performance metrics like pace and elevation gain. While it tracks skating activities, its features cater more towards traditional outdoor sports.


  • Segment challenges: Compete against yourself and others on specific routes.
  • Detailed route analysis: Analyze elevation, pace, and power output for various segments.
  • Large and active community: Connect with athletes of all levels worldwide.


  • Limited skating-specific features: Doesn’t track jumps, tricks, or surfaces.
  • Community not skater-focused: Finding fellow skaters and skating events can be challenging.
  • Focus on competition: The emphasis on pushing limits might not resonate with all skaters.

Apple Fitness and Google Fit: Both offer basic activity tracking features for various exercises, including skating. However, their generic approach doesn’t delve into the nuances of the sport.


  • Convenience and accessibility: Seamless integration with respective ecosystems (Apple and Android).
  • Simple interfaces: Easy to understand and navigate.
  • Basic goal setting: Helps users stay motivated with personalized goals.


  • Generic tracking: Lacks features specific to roller skating.
  • Limited data insights: Doesn’t offer in-depth performance analysis.
  • No community features: Users miss out on connecting with other skaters.

Enter Let’s Roll: Where Community Meets Adventure

Now, imagine an app designed by roller skaters, for roller skaters. Let’s Roll goes beyond mere distance tracking, offering a vibrant community and features that elevate your skating experience:


  • Tracks your unique style: Log freestyle, slalom, dance, or any other way you roll.
  • Find your tribe: Connect with fellow skaters near you, chat, and plan skate sessions together.
  • Discover hidden gems: Find new skate spots based on a community-driven map.
  • Share your journey: Capture photos and videos of your sessions, document your progress, and inspire others.
  • Celebrate the love of skating: Find events, challenges, and a supportive community that fosters inclusivity and fun.


  • Newer app: The user base is growing steadily but may not yet rival established giants.
  • Focused niche: Primarily caters to roller skating, not general fitness activities.

The Verdict: Roll with Your Passion

The “best” app depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you’re a casual skater seeking basic tracking, a general fitness app might suffice. But if you crave a deeper connection to the skating world, a supportive community to share your journey with, and features that celebrate the unique aspects of your skating style, Let’s Roll is your ideal partner.

Ready to join a community that rolls with passion? Download Let’s Roll today and discover the difference!

Keep Rolling ❤🛼🌈

– The Let’s Roll Team