Skate Socially, Discover Hotspots!

Let’s Roll App has 2 new features to connect skaters

We’re excited to introduce two features that will make your skating experience even more social and enjoyable.

Mention Your Skating Buddies

No more lonely skates! Now, you can seamlessly connect with your fellow skaters by mentioning them in your comments. Share your skating experiences, and tag your friends that skated with you!

Discover Active Skating Spots

Active skate spots now turn green, so you can easily identify popular skate spots in your area and see which ones have recent activity. This will help you connect with fellow skaters, discover new skate spots, and find the perfect skating buddies.

Install or update Let’s Roll app and experience the new features today!

We’re passionate about making Let’s Roll the ultimate roller skating app, and we’re constantly striving to enhance your experience. Go check them out now!

Keep Rolling ❤🛼🌈

– The Let’s Roll Team