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Posts, push notification & more

We know, Let’s Roll for Android is always lagging a bit behind the iPhone version. It started later, and it will be catching up for a while yet to come.
For that reason we are all the more pleased to share that today we are taking a major step in the right direction. Let’s Roll Beta 0.6 for Android is available now – and it improves in a lot of areas.

Post updates without tracking

With the new update, posting is now available to let you share updates without the community without requiring you to track a skate session first. Share a pic of your new wheels or upload some images from a past session. The choice is yours.

Push notifications 

0.6 Adds full support for push notifications so you can be kept up to date without having to open the app. This includes:
– When your friends share a post or session
– New friendship requests
– When some one likes or comments hour posts or sessions

Apart from the above, Let’s Roll 0.6 also comes with support for background tracking of skate sessions, allowing you to use the app even if a session is in progress. It also includes an enormous amount of bug fixes and minor improvements.

Ready to upgrade? Jump on Google Play and get the latest version!

Not on Android? You can still get Let’s Roll for iPhone:

Keep Rolling!

The Lets Roll Team