Skating less during winter? 🥶

It sucks when it’s wet and cold

If you are located in the Northern hemisphere you are probably struggling to keep your skating going these days, and your Let’s Roll sessions are becoming further in between.

But that’s no reason to lose touch with your local skate community. Why not share an update on your latest bearing tuning experiments or how great you look in the new skates your gonna get for Christmas?

Let’s Roll 1.3 adds a new concept to the app: Posts allow everyone to share a simple text and image update with the community without having to GPS record a session. It’s great for those days when the weather is against you – and it also works if you just forgot to record your session and still want others to see it.

Here is how it works:

Oh yeah – and we also fixed a LOT of bugs 🕷 – did you have problems saving session or getting inaccurate tracking? It should be fixed now, and if it’s not we really hope you will help us find out 🙏

Already got the Let’s Roll App? Jump into Testflight and get it updated. Didn’t install yet? Press the button bellow and get rolling:

Keep Rolling!

– The Let’s Roll Team