Let’s Roll 0.8: Search is here 🔎

Connecting Skaters Worldwide with Enhanced Features!

Your feedback is our inspiration, and we’ve listened closely! In response to your requests, Let’s Roll 0.8 is here, packed with exciting updates that make connecting with fellow skaters a breeze. Now, you can add those insta-friends, regardless of their location, as we introduce search functionality by skate name. Let’s break down the latest features that make Let’s Roll 0.8 a must-have for the global skating community.

Search by Skate Name:

No more barriers to connecting with long-distance skate buddies! Let’s Roll 0.8 introduces a search feature, allowing you to find and add skaters by their unique skate names. Connect across continents, share experiences, and build friendships with fellow skaters worldwide.

Enhanced Discover Map:

Navigating the skating world just got easier with our revamped Discover map. We’ve added a plethora of filters and settings, empowering you to customize your view and pinpoint the best skate spots. Whether you’re exploring local terrain or scouting globally, the new map settings in Let’s Roll 0.8 ensure you get the optimal experience while discovering your next favorite skating location.

Download Let’s Roll 0.8 Now:

Ready to elevate your skating experience? Head to the Google Play Store and update to the latest version of Let’s Roll. Embrace the freedom to search for and connect with skaters worldwide, and enjoy an enhanced map experience that caters to all your skating exploration needs.

Let’s Roll 0.8 is not just an update; it’s a celebration of global connections, uniting skaters from every corner of the world. Download now and roll into a new era of international skating camaraderie! 🌎🛼💙

Keep Rolling!
– The Let’s Roll Team