Search is here 🔎

Time to add those insta friends

We heard it from you again and again – “Why can’t I search for another skater if I know their skate name?”. Well, now you can. Let’s Roll 1.7 adds search and new map options so you can add all those skate friends that are not living around the corner. Let’s connect across continents 💪🌏

Search for other skaters

When we designed the Discover People page, we were mainly thinking about finding other skaters in the local area. We didn’t think about the fact that many of you have skate friends in other countries through social media or travels already. Now we are adding search by skatename, so you can add those long distance skate friends in Let’s Roll App too. Happy searching!

New map settings galore

Now that we have gotten both heatmaps and skate spots brought together on the Discover map, we wanted to do something to make the Discover map easier to use. Therefore, we are now extending it with several filters and settings so you can get the best view when scoping for good skate spots.

Ready to update to Let’s Roll 1.7? Head to the AppStore for the latest version!

Not on iPhone? The Android Beta version might not have search, but it’s catching up fast!

Keep Rolling!
– The Let’s Roll Team