Our biggest Android update yet 🤖

Skate friends, commenting, and much more

Hey, there skater!

Thank you so much for helping us test Let’s Roll for Android. We are still busy catching up to the iPhone version, but this week we are taking a big step in that direction.

Let’s Roll 0.5 is available now, and here’s what’s new:

  • The Friendship system is ready – you can now find and add skate friends when you visit other skaters’ profiles
  • Commenting is supported. You can now comment on other skaters’ sessions and respond to their comments on yours
  • Notifications are available. Check the notification icon in the top right of the app to see comments and requests from other skaters
  • Lots and lots of small improvements and bug-fixes

We hope you will like the new version, and continue to give us feedback and input so we can make it even better.

Keep Rolling,

– The Let’s Roll Team