Let’s Roll 1.1 is our smoothest ride yet 😎

We hope you’re gonna like it

Hey there! First of all, thank you so much once again for helping us test the Let’s Roll App. We really appreciate it. Secondly – we know that it’s been a little while since our last update, but we had some big complex projects we had to tackle to move on, and we are now finally ready to share them with you.

Let’s Roll 1.1 focuses on a number of core functions that we wanted to put in place to pave the way for future improvements. Here’s what’s new:

Recording activity indicators

  • When a session is in progress Let’s Roll will show a notification on the lock screen reminding you about it to make sure you finish the session when you stop skating
  • While you are in the app, if a session is ongoing, you will see a activity indicator in the form of a small rollerskate around the notch ( iPhone 14 ) or a spinning LR button ( all other phones )

New session recording logic

  • You can now minimize a session in progress and continue to use the app while in a skate session. To reopen the session, simply tap the LR button
  • We now record GPS data locally while the session is in progress, and only upload it at the end. This means that you should not worry about the quality of internet connection while you are skating

Delete multiple sessions

  • It is now possible to select and delete multiple sessions from you profile by tapping and holding a session

Bigger updates are coming soon

1.1 is mainly a technical foundation for all the exciting stuff we are planning, and we hope to be able to put out the next major update to Let’s Roll already later this month. So stay tuned. Meanwhile, let’s get you updated so you can take 1.1 for a roll:

Keep Rolling!

– The Let’s Roll Team