Let’s Roll 0.9 is here

New roller skate features for all 🤗

Dear Let’s Roll Beta testers,

It has been some time coming, but we are finally ready to release the next beta version of the Let’s Roll app to all of you. This update has cost some serious blood, sweat, and tears, and we are very proud of what we have accomplished. Read on to learn about all the new features:

Privacy Settings

One of the most common feedbacks you have given us on the Let’s Roll App is the need to control privacy when you are skating and manage how much information other users can see about your activity. In Let’s Roll 0.9, we have built a completely new privacy system, which allows you to control your privacy setting in great detail – both as global settings on your account, but also on a session-by-session basis.

Comments on session posts

We are finally able to open up the commenting session so you can let your fellow skaters know how much you dig the sessions they are sharing – or in case you have a question to one of your fellow skaters. Update your app and go show some love for your skate fam.

Getting started guide for new users

It is very important to us that new skaters joining the Let’s Roll App get the best possible experience. To make sure everyone gets going from day one, we are adding a short checklist that tries to teach new users about the app. If you are an existing user of the app you will get it again, but you can just go ahead and skip it if you don’t feel the need.

Navigate to locations on the discover map

To make it easier to go check out locations with skating activity on the discover map, we are now adding the possibility to tap the map and open navigation directly in Google or Apple maps. We realize that we still have some way to go to make the Discover map shine, but we will continue working on it, and are taking this small step already now.

Improved edit and delete function

Another common feedback from you all was the fact that it should be possible to edit skating sessions. Ironically, this has been possible for months – but we realized it was badly designed and none of you could find it. In 0.9 we are making both edit and delete functions on sessions much more obvious so hopefully, everyone can find it.

Lots and lots of bugfixes

You have been testing, we have been testing, and so many bugs and potential improvements have been discovered. 0.9 fixes a long list of small issues, and hopefully represents a more stable and useful skating experience for everyone.

We cannot say how happy we are for all of your efforts in helping us test this app. We could quite simply not have done it without you. We hope you will all take the new version for a roll as soon as you can – and we cannot wait to hear what you think about it.

See you out there!

The Let’s Roll Team