It started as a sketch ✏️

Skate spots are finally here

Two years ago, we sketched a map we hoped to create. A map that allowed any skater to find places to skate wherever they went.

A year later, we invited the first beta testers to our app that could generate activity maps from roller skating activity, and now after two years in the works, we are finally ready to take the next step.

Explore skate spots across the world

We have crawled the interwebs ( ok, we used Google like everyone else 😅 ) to bring you more than 15.000 skate parks worldwide. Go exploring and use the heatmap to find the places where the Let’s Roll community is already active.

Add your own spots to the map

Google does not know that there is a great parking lot right next to your office with the smoothest asphalt the world has ever known. Skate there, and when you’re done, use the new spot system to share that hidden gem with others.

Ready to discover skate spots? Update Let’s Roll to 1.6 now. The feature is only available on iPhone for now.

Keep Rolling,

The Let’s Roll Team