Your name is Amy Stake?

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  • Your name is Amy Stake?

    Then let us help you fix it!

    Puns aside – for a while now, one of the top requests in our Ideas forum has been adding the option to allow changing the skate name. We are happy to announce, that with the latest versions of Let’s Roll for iPhone and Android, this is now possible.

    Good luck finding that perfect skate name!

    Keep Rolling ❤️🛼🌈

    – The Let’s Roll Team

  • We need your help ❤

    Let’s Keep Let’s Roll Rolling

    (Now say that five times quickly while you rub your tummy and touch your nose)

    Hey there, Skater! 👋

    After 2+ years of collaboration, feedback, and bug-squashing with you, Let’s Roll App has come a long way. It’s been an amazing journey, and we’re grateful for every moment.

    As we grow, so do our expenses. Some of our team members now work full-time to keep things running smoothly, and hosting costs are increasing, especially with exciting additions like video.
    That’s where you come in. We’re proud to be:

    • Independent
    • Community-driven
    • Ad-free
    • Not selling your data

    And we want to stay that way. So, we’re rolling out a new feature in the Let’s Roll App – a pay-what-you-want option. No premium plans or crippled free version. Support us, and you’ll get a heart on your profile. Meanwhile, the Let’s Roll App will continue to be free and full-featured for roller skaters worldwide.

    Supporting is simple and can be done straight from the App, and we will be so grateful for all the help we get 🤗

    Keep Rolling,

    The Let’s Roll Team

  • Show off your moves 💃🕺

    Video support is live in Let’s Roll 2.0

    You voted for it, and now we built it. Video support has been a long-standing request and now it’s finally ready on iPhone.

    The feature is simple: You can now upload up to 30 seconds of video instead of an image in session or post – including your past ones.

    Go share your best moves with the community!

    Ready to update and start sharing videos? Jump into the AppStore and get Let’s Roll 2.0 right now.

    Keep Rolling!

    – The Let’s Roll Team

  • An app for roller skaters?

    Let’s build it together!

    In this short 4 min video, we discuss why an app for roller skaters makes sense, and how we want the Let’s Roll app to map the world of roller skating, connect the community, and help skaters learn & grow. We also discuss how we believe the right way to do this is by working together with the skate community.

    Keep Rolling!

    – The Let’s Roll Team

  • Safety ( and privacy ) first 🔐

    We want you to skate safe

    Here at Let’s Roll, we’ve got your back when it comes to safety and privacy while using the app. We’re all about looking out for the skate community and making sure you have a smooth and secure ride.

    So, to help you navigate the ins and outs of the Let’s Roll App and get those settings just right, we’ve put together some handy tutorials. We want you to be in the know and feel confident while cruising along.

    Account Privacy Settings
    In this first episode we cover the privacy settings of your Let’s Roll account and how to adjust them correctly.

    Session Privacy Settings
    In this episode, we cover the privacy settings of individual Let’s Roll skate sessions, and how to make sure you stay safe skating.

    Keep Rolling!

    – The Let’s Roll Team

  • Login simpler ✔

    No more password recovery

    While we are working on larger things in the background ( hint: video ), we thought we would share a small but significant improvement for the Let’s Roll App, which just came out: You can now sign up or login with Facebook or Apple.

    This not only makes it easier for new community members coming in – it even works if your Facebook or Apple ID matches the email you are currently using with Let’s Roll. If so – you can also log in without a password to your existing Let’s Roll account should you get logged out in the future.

    Ready to ditch your email login? Update Let’s Roll now!

    Keep Rolling!

    – The Let’s Roll Team

  • Let’s Roll 0.8: Search is here 🔎

    Connecting Skaters Worldwide with Enhanced Features!

    Your feedback is our inspiration, and we’ve listened closely! In response to your requests, Let’s Roll 0.8 is here, packed with exciting updates that make connecting with fellow skaters a breeze. Now, you can add those insta-friends, regardless of their location, as we introduce search functionality by skate name. Let’s break down the latest features that make Let’s Roll 0.8 a must-have for the global skating community.

    Search by Skate Name:

    No more barriers to connecting with long-distance skate buddies! Let’s Roll 0.8 introduces a search feature, allowing you to find and add skaters by their unique skate names. Connect across continents, share experiences, and build friendships with fellow skaters worldwide.

    Enhanced Discover Map:

    Navigating the skating world just got easier with our revamped Discover map. We’ve added a plethora of filters and settings, empowering you to customize your view and pinpoint the best skate spots. Whether you’re exploring local terrain or scouting globally, the new map settings in Let’s Roll 0.8 ensure you get the optimal experience while discovering your next favorite skating location.

    Download Let’s Roll 0.8 Now:

    Ready to elevate your skating experience? Head to the Google Play Store and update to the latest version of Let’s Roll. Embrace the freedom to search for and connect with skaters worldwide, and enjoy an enhanced map experience that caters to all your skating exploration needs.

    Let’s Roll 0.8 is not just an update; it’s a celebration of global connections, uniting skaters from every corner of the world. Download now and roll into a new era of international skating camaraderie! 🌎🛼💙

    Keep Rolling!
    – The Let’s Roll Team

  • Come join the community 🤗

    We think you will love it here!

    Hey Skater,

    As a user of the Let’s Roll App, we want to invite you to our Facebook group where we are communicating directly with the community. Here you can:

    • Participate in beta testing of new pre-release versions of Let’s Roll App
    • Suggest ideas for how we can make the app better
    • Join virtual meetups with the Let’s Roll team and community
    • Report bugs and get help using the Let’s Roll App

    What are you waiting for? Join the community!

    Keep Rolling!

    – The Let’s Roll Team

  • Learn from the best: Free video tutorials

    Teamwork makes the dream work

    We love how the roller skate community is full of creative energy and we are proud to share that with Let’s Roll 1.8 we are launching a special collaboration with another great skate app: MySkatePro. We have been so lucky to be allowed to feature some of their amazing content in the Let’s Roll “Learn” section while we are still working on this feature. Here is what you will find:

    Full-length tutorials

    Let’s Roll 1.8 contains full tutorials from Neon Keon, Morgan Weske, Skatefantacee,
    Candice Heiden, and Lady Trample. Learn how Snake Walk, pump at the skate park, and more.

    Taught by the best

    Step-by-step walkthroughs and breakdowns of each move help you learn the right way and reduce the risk of injury. We really hope that these high-quality tutorials will be a help on your skate adventures.

    Ready to check out the new tutorials? Download or update Let’s Roll App now!

    Keep rolling!

    – The Let’s Roll Team

  • Search is here 🔎

    Time to add those insta friends

    We heard it from you again and again – “Why can’t I search for another skater if I know their skate name?”. Well, now you can. Let’s Roll 1.7 adds search and new map options so you can add all those skate friends that are not living around the corner. Let’s connect across continents 💪🌏

    Search for other skaters

    When we designed the Discover People page, we were mainly thinking about finding other skaters in the local area. We didn’t think about the fact that many of you have skate friends in other countries through social media or travels already. Now we are adding search by skatename, so you can add those long distance skate friends in Let’s Roll App too. Happy searching!

    New map settings galore

    Now that we have gotten both heatmaps and skate spots brought together on the Discover map, we wanted to do something to make the Discover map easier to use. Therefore, we are now extending it with several filters and settings so you can get the best view when scoping for good skate spots.

    Ready to update to Let’s Roll 1.7? Head to the AppStore for the latest version!

    Not on iPhone? The Android Beta version might not have search, but it’s catching up fast!

    Keep Rolling!
    – The Let’s Roll Team